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A translation I whipped up for schumie because it's her birthday. And also because I really like this manga, even though it's really, well, trashy.

Raws for Yuutsu Butterfly are here. It's a one-shot sequel to Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru, which is already completely done by Presencedear.

Yuutsu Butterfly
by Mizushiro Setona
Translated by Nyang

(Brackets are for thought bubbles)
[Square brackets are for text in boxes or narration]
*Asterisks are for dialogue outside bubbles*
{Curly brackets for translator's notes}

New paragraph means new panel


	 The newly promoted department head...
OKAMURA: Seems really kind, like a really nice person.

GIRL: You mean Ootomu-san?
GIRL: He's kind of good-looking,
      but not particularly eye-catching.
GIRL2: He's been divorced before.

GIRL: Ooh...
      So then, isn't he single right now?
GIRL: Tamaki, you'll get him for sure!
OKAMURA: T-that's not...
GIRL2: No way, he's definitely got a girlfriend already.
       You can tell just by looking.

GIRL2: Even his tie was chosen for him by a woman.
GIRL2: He's got that kind self-assurance only a man who knows he's loved has.


FATHER: "Kyouichi, you got that?"
FATHER: "Whenever a woman is talking, just listen."

FATHER: "Even if you think they're being unreasonable and naggy, you have to grin and bear it."
FATHER: "That's the only way to make the relationship last."


OOTOMU: [This is a memory from my childhood.]
OOTOMU: [Dad had been fighting with my mom for three whole days, and had been thoroughly ignored by mom and my older sister, who sided with mom.]
OOTOMU: [He was quite depressed and lonely.]
FATHER: Here, have this.
FATHER: Finish eating it.
OOTOMU: But that's dad's.
FATHER: I'm full, I had some rice earlier.
OOTOMU: But...

OOTOMU: (That's so sad...)
	(If only dad had married someone who loved him more.)
FATHER: *When I was younger...*
FATHER: *Sigh, listen...*
OOTOMU: [I guess that's when I started thinking this way.]

OOTOMU: (Be kind and gentle to women, and listen to what they say.)
	(And then, date someone who loves me.)
OOTOMU: [Because of this lesson, I was very kind to women when I was young.]

OOTOMU: [I got married when I was twenty-five, and then...]


OOTOMU: How did this happen...?

IMAGASE: We were celebrating your promotion, we drank, and then we had sex and ended up here.
	 And you were making such seductive noises last night.
OOTOMU: That's not what I meant...I was thinking about my life...

SFX: exhale

IMAGASE: You mean how you were dumped by countless women, wandered around aimlessly, did it with a particularly clingy gay person, began enjoying it, and that was half your life?
IMAGASE: *How sad.*
OOTOMU: Don't go and summarize it in such a brutal manner!
NOTE: For more information, refer to Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru.


OOTOMU: [Imagase is an underclassman of mine from university. He's currently a private investigator at an agency.]
OOTOMU: [I always just thought of him as a good-looking underclassman in university.  In reality, he's gay, and he's obsessively in love with me.]

OOTOMU: [He hung around my place every day after I got divorced,]
OOTOMU: [and used every trick in the book to get close to me and disturb me.]
IMAGASE: A department head at only 31...
IMAGASE: It's because of my kisses every morning, isn't it?
IMAGASE: *Oof, oof.*
OOTOMU: *Stop that!*
OOTOMU: What's that got to do with it?

IMAGASE: There's a study that says a kiss before work increases lifespan and productivity.
OOTOMU: Isn't that for married couples?

IMAGASE: Well, it worked, so does it matter?
	 Don't you feel like a married couple with me, anyhow?

OOTOMU: I feel like you've been becoming more and more shameless lately.
SFX: Beep beep
SFX: Beep beep beep
IMAGASE: Okay, darling. The bathwater's ready.
OOTOMU: [Even after all that thinking about being with someone who loves me...]


OOTOMU: [I never thought it would be another man.]

OOTOMU: [And I never considered sex with a man, either.]

OOTOMU: (Sigh...)
OOTOMU: Isn't the bathwater ready?
OOTOMU: (I go with the flow too easily.)
IMAGASE: I'll just heat it again after.

OOTOMU: [Even after losing my virginity back there, my life hasn't really changed.]
OOTOMU: [Well, it's not entirely unchanged...]
OOTOMU: [there are some little things, I guess.]

OOTOMU: [Like a lot of extra stuff around the house.]
OOTOMU: [Besides that...]
NOTE: This is lube.
NOTE: The package says for clearing your bowels...


OOTOMU: [And know I know what it's like to be on the "woman's side".]
OOTOMU: [How something that I shouldn't be able to experience feels. This is a big deal to me.]

OOTOMU: [Even after deciding so long ago to be good to women...now I've experienced something I don't really understand.]

OOTOMU: [Having a part of someone else inside you, tainting your insides, that fine line between pleasure and pain...]
OOTOMU: [Pleasure someone else is giving you.]

OOTOMU: [My five senses seek out every small thrill;]
OOTOMU: [sneaking looks at his expression of delirium,]

OOTOMU: [the feeling of his weight bearing down on me,]
OOTOMU: [these are all small joys.]


OOTOMU: [What he does to make me feel good,]
OOTOMU: [how he touches me to make me feel loved,]
OOTOMU: [each new experience and tidbit of knowledge is absorbed by every cell in my body.]
OOTOMU: When it comes to sex, I think girls get the better side of the bargain.

	 Hm? I think it depends on the other person...

IMAGASE: Wait, was that supposed to be praise?
IMAGASE: *Right? Is that what you meant?*
OOTOMU: ...It was nothing. Please pretend I didn't say anything.
OOTOMU: *I just said something really dumb.*

IMAGASE: It's surprising that senpai's already used to it, though.
IMAGASE: *You really do just go with everything. You're so adaptable.*
	 You won't get stolen by some other gay person, will you? It's kind of worrying.
OOTOMU: What are you saying!?

IMAGASE: But, senpai,
IMAGASE: you haven't slept with any women after you did it with me, have you?

SFX: ba-dump


OOTOMU: How did you know that?
IMAGASE: I knew I can't relax surveillance on you for even a second.
	 Now I even have to watch for men, even if it is a bit paranoid.

IMAGASE: And just to get this out of the way, senpai!
	 Women go without saying, but if you do it with a man other than me, I'll jump into Tokyo Bay! I'm serious!
	 The sushi you eat will be from shrimp that's been feeding on my corpse!
OOtOMU: I get it, geez...you're not going to get eaten by shrimp because that's not ever going to happen.

OOTOMU: [He doesn't trust me, but...]
IMAGASE: *Because you just aren't trustworthy!*
IMAGASE: *And you've gotten even better-looking lately!*
OOTOMU: *I haven't changed...are you sure you aren't the one who's turned more good-looking?*
OOTOMU: [it's easy to see that he values me more than anything else.]

WHITE KYOUICHI: Being like this with a man!? Are you going to just give up like that? Is this what you really want? So this is the goal!?
WHITE KYOUICHI: *What are you doing, you idiot?*
BLACK KYOUICHI: Well, there's nothing to be done about it now, as long as you're enjoying yourself.
GREY KYOUICHI: What a hassle.... You can worry about it when a problem comes up.

OOTOMU: [Each day goes by with surprising peace...]
OOTOMU: [But I do worry sometimes.]
	(I can worry later.)
IMAGASE: Oh right, senpai.
	 Do you know what day next Saturday is?
OOTOMU: Eh? Ah...


OOTOMU: The day Imagase Wataru turns 29, right?
OOTOMU: Is there anything you want?

SFX: shaa

OOTOMU: ["Never forget important days." This is the unbreakable rule in a relationship with a woman.]
OOTOMU: *Even though there are no women involved here.*

OOTOMU: [There isn't that much of a difference, anyway.]
IMAGASE: I-I want to have
IMAGASE: Peking duck.
OOTOMU: [He's so cute.]
OOTOMU: *Even though he's still not a woman.*

OOTOMU: (Birthday, hm?)
OOTOMU: (He celebrated with me when I got my promotion...I can't just settle for treating him to dinner.)
	(We should do something special...)


IMAGASE: "You haven't slept with any women since you did it with me, have you?"
OOTOMU: [It's only been six months...not a very long relationship.]
OOTOMU: *If something happens, he'll get mad, won't he? I don't want to fight anymore.*

OOTOMU: [I don't really understand it either.]
	[I really have accepted Imagase,]
OOTOMU: [but I do realize that this is strange.]
	[And I've wondered if Imagase's really some kind of alien.]
IMAGASE: *If you have another man I'll turn into shrimp!*

OOTOMU: [It's reassuring to see a girl's body.]
OOTOMU: [And it's reassuring to know this about myself.]

OOTOMU: [I guess...I'll hae to go back sooner or later.]

OOTOMU: [Uh...]


OOTOMU: (Oh God, that was practically sexual harrassment...)
SFX: ba-dump

SFX: slap
SFX: spill


OKAMURA: I'm so sorry, if I held on to it...
OOTOMU: No, no, it was my fault for not noticing.
	Sorry, did you get any on yourself?
OKAMURA: No, I'm fine...
	 I can just rinse it off.


OOTOMU: [Like a little girl...]

OOTOMU: [but with a very bright handkerchief.]
OOTOMU: [A bit surprising.]

OKAMURA: Uh, is there something wrong?
OKAMURA: Because you kept looking this way.

	No, it's...
SFX: sweat
OOTOMU: Oh, that's right!
OOTOMU: Okamura-san, do you know a lot about wine?
OKAMURA: Uh...I'm afraid not. What did you want to know about?

OOTOMU: Someone I know is having their birthday soon, so I want to give them wine as a present.
OOTOMU: Champagne or something, but I don't know anything about it.

	 Well, I have a friend who knows a lot about it.
OKAMURA: If you give me a list, I can ask him.

OKAMURA: What year?
	 Red or white?
OKAMURA: Oh, and what's your budget?
OOTOMU: I guess fifty to sixty thousand yen.
OKAMURA: Fifty...!
{About $500 or $600 USD}


OOTOMU: (There was the promotion celebration...)
	(And he does all the chores, too.)

SFX: shock
OKAMURA: S-she's...really important to you, isn't she...?

OOTOMU: Uh...no, I don't have a girlfriend.
OOTOMU: (Yikes.)
OKAMURA: Hm? But...
	 Everyone says so...that you have a very loving girlfriend.

OOTOMU: (How do they come up with this...?)
OOTOMU: No, no girlfriend.
OOTOMU: *Just to make it clear.*

OKAMURA: I see...

OKAMURA: ("No girlfriend.")
	 (I better write it down.)


OOTOMU: (Yanagida, the manager?)
	(What's he doing here?)
	(Why's he on this floor?)

IMAGASE: What's this?
	You specifically reminded me, didn't you? It's your birthday.

OOTOMU: It's already past 12, you know.
OOTOMU: *Happy birthday.*


IMAGASE: What about the peking duck?
OOTOMU: I already made reservations for that!
	This is just...a little extra.
	Were you surprised?

SFX: blush

IMAGASE: Uh, th-
	 Thank you very much.
IMAGASE I can't believe you got something so expensive...
OOTOMU: (I guess he saw through the price...)
	(But as long as he likes it, it's fine. Thanks, Okamura-san.)

IMAGASE: And then?
	 Is that everything?

SFX: smile
IMAGASE: How about a kiss or something?

IMAGASE: I was just kidding.
SFX: turn
IMAGASE: Thank you very much. I'm really happy.

IMAGASE: But we can't open this, it would be a waste.
	Let's drink it. It's just wine.
IMAGASE: But if we drink it now, it'll be all gone.


OOTOMU: So I'll give you more next year.
	Is that okay?

SFX: blush
OOTOMU: Oh, I forgot the food to go with the wine.
	Do we have a casserole or something?
SFX: rummage rummage

SFX: snore


SFX: stare
SFX: snore

IMAGASE: Senpai...
	 It's time to get up.
IMAGASE: *I've been up for ten minutes.
OOTOMU: ...Hm...

IMAGASE: Hey, when's the peking duck?
IMAGASE: What time?
SFX: caress

SFX: kiss

SFX: thump

SFX: snore

SFX: ding dong


SFX: clack

OKAMURA: Uh...ah...
OKAMURA: *What? What?*
OKAMURA: Is this Ootomu-san's place?


IMAGASE: ...Yes.
	 Who are you?

OKAMURA: Ah, sorry.
	 I'm Okamura, I work under Ootomu-san.
	 He's always looking after me.
SFX: bow

OKAMURA: He left this document at the office,
	 so I brought it here.
OKAMURA: I think he needs to finish it by Thursday.

IMAGASE: Thank you for going out of your way like this.
	 He's sleeping right now, do you want me to wake him?
OKAMURA: N-no, there's no need...
IMAGASE: But you came right over without even calling first, after all. Isn't that a bit inappropriate?

IMAGASE: Oh, or are you...
	 his girlfriend?


SFX: shock
OKAMURA: Tha-that's, no! It's not like that!

IMAGASE: Don't worry.
	 I've known him for a long time. I used to be his underclassman.
	 You don't have to hide it from me.
IMAGASE: *Senpai's so popular.*

OKAMURA: It's really not like that!

OKAMURA: Ootomu-san told me himself that he didn't have a lover.
{Japanese appear to use the terms "boyfriend/girlfriend" with "lover" interchangeably, so it's not surprising that she would say that without thinking.}



OKAMURA: So, could you please hand this to him?

OKAMURA: ...Uh...

SFX: snatch

SFX: clack
SFX: thump thump thump
SFX: clack


OOTOMU: What's the matter...?
	was it a delivery?
OOTOMU: *Good morning, haah...*


IMAGASE: "Tamaki-chan"
IMAGASE: brought over some documents you left at the office.

OOTOMU: Tamaki...

OOTOMU: Okamura Tamaki!?
	No way!

OOTOMU: Wh-where is she?
IMAGASE: She left.
OOTOMU: Argh! Wait!
SFX: toss
OOTOMU: Agh, where's my underwear?
OOTOMU: *Underwear, underwear?*
IMAGASE: I already put it in the wash.

SFX: thump
OOTOMU: And my hair's a mess...
OOTOMU: Geez...

OOTOMU: I'll be right back!
SFX: slam


{No text}


OOTOMU: Okamura-san!

SFX: clap

SFX: rumble

IMAGASE: ...Sorry.


IMAGASE: My attitude was pretty strange, because I was in a bad mood...
	 And I said some pretty rude things.
IMAGASE: What happened after?
	 Did she think it was weird and spread rumours that you were gay around the office?

OOTOMU: She's not like that.
	She left with a smile, so don't worry.
OOTOMU: *I caught up in the end.*

IMAGASE: ...How come I feel like I've lost again?

	Don't think too much.
OOTOMU: She's just a co-worker. There's nothing beyond that.

OOTOMU: ...But she's interested.
OOTOMU: You can tell how happy she is even if you just look in her direction.


IMAGASE: Wouldn't it be better if you went out with her today?
	 She came all the way to your place to visit, after all.
	 You don't have to worry about me.

IMAGASE: Besides, 
	 I'm not your lover. I'm not anything.

OOTOMU: There really isn't anything going on between us.

OOTOMU: I'm eating with you because I like you.
	Don't be so naggy!


OOTOMU: (Ah, geez...)
	(If he was a girl I wouldn't have lost my temper like that...)
OOTOMU: Sorry,
	I said too much.

	 You were really cool just now.
IMAGASE: *I love you.*

IMAGASE: ...Senpai.
IMAGASE: Why are you being so kind to me?

IMAGASE: Finally warming up to me?
IMAGASE: Or is it just that
	 you're so in love with being loved,
	 that you're repaying me by playing along with me?


OOTOMU: [Imagase's question...]
	[was valid,]
OOTOMU: [and very hard to answer.]

OOTOMU: [So if it was the latter,]

OOTOMU: [I really would do everything I could to play along.]
OOTOMU: [Maybe it still wouldn't be the same as a really homosexual.]


OOTOMU: [Say, if they did an experiment]
	[and made koalas eat something other than eucalypt leaves,]
OOTOMU: [wouldn't it take time for them to adapt?]
	[And maybe if they couldn't, they would just die.]

IMAGASE: "She's definitely interested."


OOTOMU: [The manager?]

OOTOMU: [...Ah.]

OOTOMU: [A "friend" who knows about good wine...]
OOTOMU: [So that's what it is.]


OOTOMU: [Suddenly, my heart just went cold.]

OOTOMU: [Because my impression of her has gone sour?]

OOTOMU: [How selfish...]

OOTOMU: [Even though once I get home, I'll be sharing my bed with a man.]

IMAGASE: I'm home...
SFX: clack
SFX: slam


IMAGASE: Senpai?

SFX: clack
OOTOMU: Welcome home.

IMAGASE: What's this?
	 You got all cleaned up for me?
IMAGASE: *Ready, go?*

IMAGASE: ...Did something happen? Got into a fight with Tamaki-chan?

OOTOMU: ...There isn't anything between us.
	She has someone.

OOTOMU: She's not at all like how she looks.

OOTOMU: She's having an affair...
	with our manager.


IMAGASE: So you were hurt?
OOTOMU: ...No.

IMAGASE: Hmph, that is a bit surprising.
	 But she looks just like the type who would date a geezer.
	 She probably looks up to older people, too.

IMAGASE: So you're hurt, and now you're waiting for me.
IMAGASE: Because you're one-hundred percent sure that I love you, 365 days of the year, 24 hours of the day.

IMAGASE: That's fine.
	 I want to take a bath too, and then lie down, and take you. I want to have that...

SFX: grab


IMAGASE: If you're so nervous about having sex with a man, why don't you go to a hattenba?
{A sort of male/male only spot, part of the sex industry, where you can cruise for a partner, usually found in districts known for their gay scenes.}


SFX: bang bang

IMAGASE: ...Sorry.
	 Don't take what I just said seriously.
IMAGASE: I just lost it for a second there.
	 I'm sorry.

OOTOMU: Don't run off and go to some weird place for real.


IMAGASE: You're going to belong to some woman sooner or later.
	 But I'm you're only man.
IMAGASE: This is the one thing that's guarding my heart.
{He says 'yosuga', an unusual choice of words that apparently means a reason or way.}

IMAGASE: Please, all you need to think about...
IMAGASE: is how to find happiness with a woman.

IMAGASE: Even if I get nothing in return, I'll still do everything I can for you.
	 If the day comes that I'm just in your way, I'll disappear on my own so you don't have to hesitate.

IMAGASE: As for Tamaki-chan, there's no real problem there. As long as you continue being kind to her, she'll come over to your side eventually.
IMAGASE: She'll give up on that hopeless affair of hers and decide that you're better after all.


OOTOMU: I know that everything you do is for me.
	That's why I want to give back in the ways I can...
	To make it equal somehow...
	 Can a spider and the prey on its web ever be equal?

IMAGASE: I'm like a moth that's flown into your web,
IMAGASE: in the hopes that one day, you'll relent and eat me.
	 Instead, you keep giving me just enough sweet honey to keep me alive.

IMAGASE: And what will happen when you finally get a beautiful butterfly in your web?
	 You'll devour her before my eyes, won't you?
IMAGASE: And then,
	 I'll finally be free.

IMAGASE: Even if by then, I'll be broken and battered.
IMAGASE: That's...even so...
	 I would rather...
	 ...If that's your reason for being kind to me, then there's no hope for me.


IMAGASE: I'm an idiot, I know that.
	 Every scrap of kindness you throw my way will only make me love you more!
	 It's all because of you...I love you even more now. Even the painful despair from my days in university is nothing compared to this.

IMAGASE: And my obsession's becoming greed,
	 like something's tightening around my throat.

IMAGASE: Even if you've become used to it,
IMAGASE: even now, whenever I touch you, I'm so nervous it's like my heart's going to come crumbling apart.
	 As if I'm tainting and violating something I shouldn't be allowed to touch.

IMAGASE: I still don't know, even now,
	 how I can shorten this distance between us.


IMAGASE: A relationship like this...
IMAGASE: one that will end the second I stop thinking that "I want this"...


OOTOMU: What I meant by equal...
	Was to experience the same depth of emotion that you do.

OOTOMU: Imagase,

OOTOMU: come here.
OOTOMU: [Father,]

OOTOMU: [I've been abiding by your words up until now. To be kind to women,]
OOTOMU: [to find a woman who loves me.]


OOTOMU: [So how did it become like this?]

OOTOMU: [Father...]

OOTOMU: [Like a spider who builds its web in a dark forest,]
OOTOMU: [a mistake like this will only last a short time, right?]


OOTOMU: [Sex after our incessant bickering,]
OOTOMU: [repeating over and over. When did this start?]
OOTOMU: [I think these scenes will probably become deeply buried in my memory.]

SFX: creak crea
SFX: clack clack

sFX: Ha ha


SFX: Ah unh
SFX: crash

OOTOMU: [Maybe Imagase isn't the only one who wants to do it tied up like this.]


SFX: Ha...


OOTOMU: [How could a relationship like this]
OOTOMU: [not be at least a little my fault?]


IMAGASE: Hey, senpai.
	 That Chinese place we went to was pretty good.

	I hadn't been there in a while either, it was a nice to eat there again.
IMAGASE: The beef stir-fry there was really good.
OOTOMU: It was.
	So's the crab fried rice.

IMAGASE: Of course, the peking duck was excellent, as well.

IMAGASE: People who like the same foods,
	 are usually compatible in their views, too.

IMAGASE: I can acknowledge your struggles,
IMAGASE: and you can try to accept me with an open mind.

IMAGASE: Our bodies are compatible, as well.
IMAGASE: I'm relentless,
	 you're kind.


IMAGASE: I think that we can continue like this.

IMAGASE: ...It's almost time.

IMAGASE: Goodbye.
	 Take care.
SFX: kiss


OOTOMU: I'm going.

SFX: slam

SFX: clop clop clop


OKAMURA: Good morning!


OOTOMU: Good morning.

GIRL: What's the matter, Tamaki?
OKAMURA: ...Hm...

OKAMURA: He's a hundred times cooler than usual today...


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